Media Distribution

Our small fee of $49 per event to distribute flyers is a real bargain
when you consider the cost of driving to events early in the morning,
having to pass out flyers the entire day, and then drive home again.
You say you can get volunteers? Maybe, but you have to rely on them
getting to the event and actually staying to pass out your flyers.
How do you know whether your volunteers dump and go,
or just leave them on an abandoned table?


Why pay $200 -$300 for a single event to put your flyers in goodie bags with the contents usually discarded?  With our system there is no waste of flyers and they are not placed on cars.
Flyers are at our promotion booth at events or in specially made race packets personally passed out to participants during events.


As a special bonus, flyer distribution is as low as $25 for events we time